Hawg Flyz

Catch’em and Cook’em with the Crappie Hawgs


PLEASE NOTE: Product images may not accurately portray the exact color, flake and reflection in each lure.


There’s nothing better then sitting back, relaxing and catching a few bream. With that in mind, we built the Hawg Flyz. These lures are designed to catch bream and other panfish. Hawg Flyz come in a pack of 30 in an assortment of different colors.


We fish the Hawg Flyz on a number 8 hook with a split shot and a bobber. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Package Details

Hawg Flyz are sold in packs that weigh between 12-13 grams. Each pack contains 25-30 Flyz.

Length Quantity
Assorted 25-30